About ND Flag Pole Guy

It all began as I was finishing my basement back in May of 2016. While listening to a radio show, someone called in asking who they should call in order to get a flag pole installed. Opinions went back and forth, with some people swearing by one installer only to have the next person say that no one should ever trust that particular business. Others would suggest an installer only to be told that they’d shut down years ago.

One thing was clear: callers were looking for quality. People weren’t looking for someone who did flag pole installation as a side project, they were looking for someone who really knew what they were doing. They wanted a specialist to help them get the right flag pole in the right location with their preferred flags flying high. In short, they were looking for an expert.

In the following weeks, I couldn’t stop noticing the flagpoles everywhere I went. Flag poles in backyards, flag poles in front of homes, businesses, and government buildings. The thought of being the “flag pole guy” for all of North Dakota just wouldn’t leave my head. With the encouragement of my wonderful wife Brenda, I decided to go for it. The day I got my business license was the day NDFlagPoleGuy.com got its first job.

A Proud History of Flag Service

It seems that the stars and stripes are in my blood, and not just because I was a US Marine. My direct relative, Captain Abraham Swartwout, provided the blue from his cloak for the first flag of the Second Continental Congress, the blue that contained the stars for the original 13 colonies. Several other Swartwouts fought under George Washington and have served in various US military branches, even as the name has changed slightly over the years. Having installed over 100 flag poles last year, it seems my destiny to get as many American flags flying as possible to honor our country and my ancestor.

As North Dakota’s flag pole guy, nothing makes me happier than seeing the faces of my customers when a flag goes up on their new flag pole for the very first time. Whether they’re flying Old Glory solo or pairing it with the state flag, military branch flag, or POW/MIA flag, I’m proud to be a part of whatever they choose to honor. I hope you, too, will contact me when you’re ready to fly your flag proudly.