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A flag pole can forever change your property and proudly show your patriotism. Get a free flag pole installation quote here.

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Whether it’s a quick mend or a thorough wash, ND Flag Pole Guy can help. We’ll handle your flag repair and get your flag back to you in top condition as quickly as possible.

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Wave her for all to see! Choose from the American flag, your state flag, a military flag, and more from our collection of proud, patriotic banners. All flags made in the USA!

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After your flag has served her last, retire it the right way. Send your flag to us through our retirement program to give it a proper send-off.

Spreading American Patriotism One Flagpole at a Time

The ND Flagpole Guy has become a symbol of American pride and unity, traveling across the vast landscapes of the United States to install flagpoles in the yards of American patriots. His journey represents more than just the physical installation of a pole and a flag; it’s about rekindling the spirit of patriotism, connecting communities, and celebrating the shared values and freedoms that the American flag stands for.

As he moves from state to state, his mission resonates with many, turning front yards into landmarks of national pride and fostering a sense of togetherness among neighbors and communities.

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Why We’re So Proud to Fly the American Flag

Why We’re So Proud to Fly the American Flag

We love to fly our American flags! And in this blog post, we are going to give you a few good reasons why we are so proud to fly the American flag. Shop the ND Flag Pole Guy selection of American-made American flags! We install flag poles, sell flags, and offer flag...

The History Of The American Flag

The History Of The American Flag

The American flag has changed and developed over the years since it’s beginning in 1776. It was originally referred to as the “Grand Union Flag”, or sometimes “The Continental Colours.” It wasn’t until the following year, on June 14, 1977 that the Continental Congress...