Flag Maintenance

Flag pole repair isn’t the only maintenance we perform! Flag management is the predetermined system for maintaining flags at all phases of its life, including flag repair. Flag management is not just buying a flag, but purchasing a pre-determined schedule for optimum flag health and longevity to include retirement.


This is a procedure performed before flight. It is a particular sewing stitch pattern added at the corners. All stitching is inspected for correct patterns and completion. This procedure was created by a seamstress who has lifelong experience in sewing and repair with considerable experience with flags. Scheduled flag maintenance is the process of cycling the flags for inspection and repair. Rather than letting the flag fly until it is tattered, it is removed from service to wash and hem.

Wash and Hem

This process creates the opportunity to clean the fabrics of environmental damage such as dirt and grime. It is conditioned to strengthen the fabric and hemmed for extended service. The hemming process can be continued until the flag is no longer within the flag code for sizing.

Flag Retirement

After the flag has given complete service and is no longer able to be displayed with integrity and honor, it is retired per the flag code. Flag retirement is either distributed to crematories for honoring a veteran or ceremoniously burned per the flag code.

Flag Management

Flag management is more economical as the flags get bigger. There is simply not enough equity in smaller flags to merit management based solely on economics. At the same time, managing flags based on respectful principles is important.

We offer flag health plans that create expected results and performance combined with respect and honor. Always fly a fresh flag!