We love to fly our American flags! And in this blog post, we are going to give you a few good reasons why we are so proud to fly the American flag. 

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To Show Our Nationalism

The most obvious and simple explanation of why we are proud to fly the American flag is to show our patriotism. We are proud to be Americans — and we want everyone to know about it. Flying the American flag is just the American way of showing everyone who we are. 

To Celebrate Our Freedom

As Americans, we all know the story of our Revolutionary War and how we had to fight for our freedom. We fought for our freedom from the English patriarchy for freedom of religion, separation of church and state, and so much more. We enjoy these freedoms every day and we fly the American flag because we have not forgotten how lucky we are to have these freedoms. 

To Honor Those Who Fight for Our Freedom

When we fly the American flag, we are honoring all that have fought for our freedom. We are paying homage to those that fought in previous wars, showing support for those currently dedicating their lives to preserve the American way, and remembering those that didn’t come home from war.

We show our respect to those that are responsible for our freedom by flying the American flag. Not all of us are capable or willing to make that sacrifice, so we ensure that the ones that do know how much they are appreciated. 

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