3 Things To Remember Before Hiring Commercial Flag Pole Installation

by | Oct 24, 2023 | News

As professional commercial flag pole installers in North Dakota, we know that there are two very good reasons that you want to have a large flag flying above your business. First, it’s because you’re a patriotic person, and the flag symbolizes so much of what you believe in regarding our country. And second, you want to draw the attention of customers with one of the biggest American flags they’ve ever seen. And here in North Dakota, they can see it from a very long way away!

There’s nothing wrong with using the US flag to draw the eyes of people. After all, if you’re trying to get potential customers’ attention, we’d rather see a large American flag flying than a big banner with the name of your business on it (no offense!). But if you are a car dealership, golf course, fireworks store, or any number of other businesses that need huge commercial flag poles installed, there are some things to keep in mind before you sign on the dotted line for flag pole installation.

Hire the Right Commercial Flag Pole Installer

Not all flag pole installation is the same, and it’s a specialized skill that takes quite a bit of practice to get right. Flag poles are heavy and go through a lot here in the North Dakota winds, and having the wrong person handle the installation is just asking for trouble.

What can go wrong? Improper pouring of concrete is one problem, and the flag pole can eventually whip back and forth and cause the concrete to crack. Flag poles are supposed to shake a bit at the top, but the base should be completely solid and unmoving. Over time, the stress can cause the concrete to fail and make the entire pole lean, which just makes your business look bad…not to mention being disrespectful to the flag. And while it’s not common, complete failure could cause the flag pole to come crashing down. If that happens, you’re going to have a damaged building and/or inventory.

Choose the Right Flag Pole

If you’re a car dealer looking for a commercial flag pole, you probably know quite a bit about the cars you sell. You know the trim packages available, the differences between the models, and what to tell people in order to get them to buy what you’re selling. Cars are your specialty, and it’s your job to know about them.

But how much do you know about flag poles? Probably not much. But just as you study cars, we study flag pole options. We know which flag poles work in our high North Dakota winds, and the raising/lowering hardware that will give you the best performance. Hey, we all have our specialties, and our just happens to be flag poles and flags.

Choosing the proper commercial flag pole installer is also important because they’re more likely to know about the mistakes that can be made during commercial flag pole installation. Is the flag pole too low, preventing people from seeing the flag due to surrounding trees? Is it too high, completely disappearing from sight once they get close? And just how high can it be before you get in trouble with the FAA? These are all questions that an experienced commercial flag pole installer can answer.

Choose the Right Flag

In the end, it’s not really about the flag pole, is it? While it’s important that your commercial flag pole doesn’t come crashing to the ground, people don’t really tend to look at the flag pole at all.

So it’s not about the flag pole; it’s about the flags on it. How big should the flag be, and how far away do you want it to be seen from? (And, getting back to our previous point, how big does the pole have to be to support such a large flag and withstand the drag it creates in the wind?)

At NDFlagPoleGuy.com, we not only carry the commercial flag poles you’re looking for, but also the flags. Our American flags made in the USA range in size from 3’ x 5’ (perfect for a residential flag pole) all the way up to huge 30’ x 60.’ (These can really draw attention!)

Let’s Get the Process Started!

When you need commercial flag pole installation, we’re here for you. Contact NDFlagPoleGuy today with any questions you might have!