Buy American Flags Online and Fly Them On These Days!

by | Oct 24, 2023 | News

If you’re buying flags online, you’re probably looking for the best flags that you can find. That’s all we offer here at NDFlagPoleGuy.com, with US flags made in the USA, polyester and nylon military flags, and state flags for sale for every state in the Union.

But once you get your flags and contact us for flag pole installation in North Dakota, when will you be flying it? Some people fly them every good-weather day, and a few even keep them up at night when they have the right lighting installed. But others want to make their flag flying a less common occurrence and only fly it when there is a specific day to honor the country.

If you’re in this latter category and are more interested in raising Old Glory intermittently, we have a list of the most common days on which people fly their US flags, state flags, and military branch flags. Not all of these are postal holidays, and there aren’t many businesses that give the day off for Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, but there are probably more reasons to fly the flag than you might think!

New Year’s Day

January 1 – It’s a great time to recognize the fact that America, despite the turmoil we sometimes go through, endeavors to persevere and continues to endure.

Martin Luther King Day

3rd Monday In January – This is an excellent opportunity to honor a reverend who truly believed in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness so much that died for the cause.

Inauguration Day

January 20 (every four years) – Inauguration Day takes place every four years and serves as the day on which the president takes the oath of office. This has occurred on January 20th since 1937. If January 20th occurs on a Sunday, a private swearing-in is held on the 20th and a public ceremony occurs on the 21st.

Lincoln’s Birthday

February 12 – There’s a reason that President Lincoln is singled out and given his own holiday. Lincoln seems to have been what we all hope for in a president. He was intelligent, kind, and had the moral conviction to do what was right in the toughest times. Sure, there are detractors for every president, but Lincoln shines above nearly every other American head of state.

President’s Day

3rd Monday in February – You can say something good about just about every president (but only just about), so this day is to celebrate them all. In truth, though, it’s almost always used as an excuse to teach kids about Lincoln and Washington, both of whom have birthdays in February. And speaking of Washington…

Washington’s Birthday

February 22 – This is the man fought the British, helped to found our country, had teeth that would make you cry, and has our nation’s capital and a state named after him. But the coolest part about Washington might have been how cool he was in battle: “”… where I stood, was exposed to and received all the enemy’s fire … I heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.” He had bullet holes in his jacket and bullet fragments in his hair. He was pretty much indestructible. Fly that flag!

Easter Sunday

Variable: Late March to Late April – For those who identify as having specific religious beliefs, North Dakota is about 98% Christian. But we don’t put this holiday on the list in order to endorse a specific religion, but to remind you how wonderful it is to live in a country that allows you the religious freedom to practice as you wish and to celebrate your favorite holidays with flag flying.

Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

April 13 – Yes, we know that Thomas Jefferson had his problems, but there’s no denying his importance in the founding of our country. As the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, a Founding Father, and third president of our country, we will certainly understand if you decide to celebrate his birthday by flying a US flag from our American flag company.

Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 15 – This date has been Peace Officers Memorial Day since 1962. While Memorial Day is the day on which to honor those who have died in the military, Peace Officers Memorial Day is to honor peace officers at the federal, state, and local level who have died or become disabled in the line of duty. While you should fly your flags on this day, it should be flown at half staff.

Armed Forces Day

Third Saturday In May – If you’re going to fly your polyester or nylon military service flag alongside your American flag on any day of the year, then this is it! Since 1950, our country has set aside this day to honor our military branches. While it was originally intended to replace the individual days observed to honor the five major branches of the US military, those branches still have their own separate holidays.

Memorial Day

Last Monday In May – Memorial Day is, no doubt, one of the most popular days on which to fly a flag. Memorial Day is the day to honor service members who died in battle. It is marked by celebrating our freedom and visiting the graves of those we know who gave their lives for that freedom.

Memorial has a unique flag-flying custom. The flag should be flown at half-staff from sunrise until noon. At that point it should be raised briskly to the top of the flag pole where it flies until sunset.

Flag Day / Army Birthday

June 14 – Feel like flying your American-made American flag? There aren’t many days better than this! Flag Day is the day to celebrate the adoption of the original American flag on June 14, 1777 by the resolution of the Second Continental Congress. It’s been an official holiday since Woodrow Wilson signed it into law in 1946.

This date also commemorates the US Army’s birthday, which was founded June 14, 1775. Fly your Army Flag proudly on this day to celebrate both the Army and Old Glory! (There’s some confusion as to when Army Day actually is, with some people celebrating April 6. That date refers to a previous celebration called Army Day, which was last celebrated in 1949.)

We’re Only Halfway Through the Year!

As you can see, we’re only halfway through the year and there are already so many excellent occasions to raise and fly your American-made flags. We even still have Independence Day coming up, perhaps the most flag-waving-est day of them all! We hope you come back to discover the rest of the holidays on which you can — and probably should — be flying your flag. To get ready for them, you might be wondering where to buy an American flag? We’d suggest from an American company in the heart of North Dakota, one that sells American flags made in America and US military flags made in America! That’s ND Flag Pole Guy. Click here to get the high-quality flags you’ve been looking for!