When we started NDFlagPoleGuy.com, we noticed that there weren’t many options out there if someone wanted to proudly display their flag. While someone could head to a store and buy a basic flag and flag pole for sale, that’s certainly not the end of the story. They then have to assemble and install the flag pole, raise the flag, then lower the flag and return it to the store once they realize that it wasn’t an American flag made in the USA!

All of those problems can be solved with a simple call to ND Flag Pole Guy! Let’s take a look at how we can make the entire process a lot easier than you might think.

Flag Poles For Sale

First of all, we’re going to provide the right flag pole. This might not sound terribly important, but trust us when we say it is!

When you go looking for a flag pole for sale, you might only find one or two height options. At ND Flag Pole Guy, we certainly don’t think that’s enough. We’ll get you the perfect height that will match your house, or will be just right for the distance you want to see it from. If you want your flag to be seen for miles and miles, we can make it happen!

Second, many flag poles for sale in stores are just generic, all-purpose flag poles. Some can’t accommodate multiple flags, and they certainly weren’t meant to hold up to the rigorous North Dakota winds. We certainly consider ourselves flag pole experts, and part of that comes from the experience of working with flag poles every day and performing flag pole installation. We’ll make sure yours can hold up no matter where you are, whether it’s in the middle of Bismarck or on the plains.


Speaking of the flag pole itself, it’s incredibly important that it is installed correctly, The fact is, North Dakota’s freezing winters and high winds makes it extra important to ensure that the flag pole is installed properly. Failing to do so could mean that you’ll end up with a flag pole, and the American flag, laying on the ground. We install our flag poles properly so that they stay upright and never dishonor the flag by allowing it to touch the ground. And speaking of flags…


When you go out to buy an American flag, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. That’s because the average store is selling small nylon flags that people tend to hang on their front porch. But those flags have their problems, and we can solve them.

  • Stores might have a couple of different sizes, usually a 3’ X 5’ or 4’ X 6’ American flag. At NDFlagPoleGuy.com, we carry 12 different sizes between 3’ X 5’ and 30’ X 60’!
  • We offer high-quality polyester flags, which are the better options to use when a flag is out in the open and experiences a lot of wind. Many stores only carry lightweight nylon flags.
  • From how far away do you want to see the flag? We can help you get the right size for your location, because we do this every day. If you really want to fly the Stars and Stripes proudly, you might need more than just a 4’ X 6’!
  • Most importantly, all of our American flags are made in the USA. Unfortunately, that’s not something that Walmart can claim.

Flag Maintenance

Here’s something you won’t be finding at your local big box store: flag maintenance!

North Dakota winds can be harsh on flags, even heavy-duty polyurethane flags. We’ve all see a tattered American flag flying and been concerned that it’s not being shown the proper respect. This can occur everywhere, from residences to businesses to government offices. Flying such a flag isn’t respectful to either the flag or our country.

Just because a flag is subjected to constant high winds doesn’t mean that it has to be retired when it starts to wear. In fact, flag maintenance and repair is an excellent option. Flag maintenance is a multi-step process that ensures a flag is shown the proper respect and adheres to flag code. This includes washing the flag to remove dirt and dust that has accumulated, then hemming it so that it can fly again with proper respect. This is all handled by someone who has extensive experience working with flags and keeping them up to code.

While flag maintenance can be done on any flag, it gets more economical on larger flags. If your business flies a large American flag, flag maintenance is a must. Learn more about our flag maintenance program right here!

Flag Retirement

In order to fly properly, American flags are subjected to wind and are constantly flapping. Even the most high-quality flag is going to lose microscopic material over time, and that damage continues until a flag starts to look bad. UV radiation can also take its toll on a flag, reducing its vibrancy. Hemming during flag maintenance can extend the life of a flag, but that hemming also means that the flag is made shorter and may no longer be flyable.

When that happens, it’s time to give the flag a proper retirement. We’re happy to be a part of that, and that’s why you can request a postage-paid envelope so that you can return any flag that you’ve purchased from us. We’ll take it from there so that it will be properly retired via the flag code. Read more about flag retirement right here.

What Are You Waiting For?

Putting up a flag pole is a big deal, and you want to make sure you get it right the first time. If you want to avoid all the hassles that come with flag pole installation, it’s time to give NDFlagPoleGuy.com a call today. We’ll ask you some questions about your property and the flags you’ll be flying, whether you add a POW/MIA flag to the mix or a North Dakota flag. We handle both residential and commercial flag pole installation and can provide the flags to accompany it. Let’s get the Star-Spangled Banner flying!