As you might have read on the About Us page, inspiration for my company struck back in 2016. I was working on finishing the basement when someone called into a radio show I was listening to, asking about where to get a flag pole in North Dakota. I immediately blurted out “Call the Flag Pole Guy!” Of course, at the time there wasn’t anyone called the Flag Pole Guy, but…maybe there should be. As other people called into the radio show, it became apparent that there was no one really serving the flag pole installation needs of North Dakota. Sure, some companies would do it as a side job, but no one was dedicated to it. No one was really putting their heart into it.

The idea just wouldn’t get out of my head! So many people were interested in showing their love for their country by installing a flag pole and flying an American-made flag, but they just couldn’t find someone reliable to install their flag pole. After a few months of the fire building inside me, I made the leap to become what many people in North Dakota were looking for: the ND Flag Pole Guy.

Word Got Around!

As they say, the best advertising is word of mouth. If one person is happy with their flag pole installation, they’ll tell someone else. Maybe that person needs a residential flag pole, or they’ll let someone on the city council know and I’ll put up a flag pole in a new park.

Apparently the word go around pretty far, because I was recently featured on CBS KX News! While I’ll travel all over the state in order to install flag poles and provide flags to fly on them, they came to my town of Williston at the beginning of May to catch me on a job. During the interview, the news crew talked to one of my customers — a fellow military veteran — who told them about the different flags he switched out on the flag pole I’d installed. Of course, he was quick to remind them that he always kept the Stars and Stripes flying proudly above them.

What Am I Proud Of?

When I watch that video, here’s a quick breakdown of the things I’m proud of when I see it.

  • I’m proud of the fact that business has grown enough to get the attention of North Dakota news stations.
  • I’m proud to have installed over 200 flag poles in North Dakota; over 100 in 2018 alone.
  • I’m proud of the people of North Dakota for their interest in flying their American flags high.
  • I’m proud that the news mentioned how sturdy our flag poles and polyester flags are, able to withstand the harsh weather we sometimes get.
  • I’m proud to be the ND Flag Pole Guy, the person people call when they’re looking for flag pole installation in North Dakota!

Ready To Fly Your Flag?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a flag and haven’t been sure who to call, take a tip from the old-me back in 2016: “Call the flag pole guy!” When you work with me, you’re not just getting someone who installs an occasional flag pole now and then. No, you’re getting someone who thinks about this night and day, always looking for ways to improve what I do so that more and more American flags, POW/MIA flags, state flags, and military branch flags fly proudly in North Dakota.

No matter if you’re looking for a residential flag pole or one for your business, ND Flag Pole Guy is there to make the entire process as easy as possible. Click here to ask questions or to schedule an appointment for flag pole installation!