You won’t be surprised that we get the bulk of our flag pole installation business in spring and summer, with some of it trailing into fall. That’s not to say it’s impossible for us to plant a new flag pole in winter, but there are quite a few reasons that people just don’t call us for flag pole installation when the snow starts falling. First of all, people think of exterior home improvement as something to be done in spring or summer, and they’re happy to get out and do some landscaping as the weather gets warm. Second, the ground gets hard in winter, making it more difficult to perform flag pole service. Getting concrete to cure properly in winter can be a huge problem, too. Finally, installing the flag pole in winter means that most of the plants to be put in the ground with it will have to wait until spring; most people simply decide to put everything in at once when spring arrives.

If you’ve put off having flag pole installation performed in 2018, no worries. In fact, you actually have an opportunity now, because you can take your time and plan for the spring. Whether it’s a residential or commercial flag pole, planning now can get you a better presentation later. Let’s take a look at what you can do while you wait for spring.

Pick the Spot

Where your flag pole will go can be a big decision, and it’s often determined by the size of your property. If your neighborhood HOA restricts the size and placement of your flag pole, then you might not have much choice. The flag will probably be right out in front of your house, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you have enough land, you can choose to place it just about anywhere you want, such as by the gate, in the circle drive, or in the backyard. There are some things to consider when picking a spot. Do you want it close enough so that you don’t have to walk out and take the flag down every night? Or will it be lighted well enough that you can leave it up at night? (It’s also important to remember that you’ll need to head out and lower it when it rains.) You should also consider the sound a flapping flag makes. If you’re bothered by the snap it creates in high winds, you might not want it right outside your bedroom window.

Flag placement can be very obvious or it can be surprisingly tricky. If you’d like some advice, there’s nothing we like talking about more than flag; just contact us right here.

Plan What Will Surround It

A flag pole is seldom just a flag pole. Most of the time it’s surrounded by something, whether it’s as simple as a bed for flowers, a bit more complex with shrubbery, or a stone and/or brick pedestal for it. There might even be a memorial to a military member from your family.

All of these can honor the flag, so it’s really up to your style as to what you’ll have at the base. The good thing is, you have months to decide on exactly what you’ll be placing at the foot of the flag. Not leaving the decision to the last moment ensures that you’ll get exactly what will work best for your property..

Find Your Flag…or Flags

Choosing a flag can take a bit longer than you might think. First, it’s important that you know the difference between polyester flags and nylon flags. (Polyester flags hold up better to the harsh winds of North Dakota.) You’ll also want to decide if you want a flag that can be repaired, because repair can be a lot cheaper than replacement when it comes to extra large flags. If you’re interested in commercial flag pole installation and have an extra large American flag, be sure to consider a regular flag maintenance plan that involves cleaning, hemming, and reinforcement.

It’s also vitally important that you choose an American flag made in America. It supports American workers and often ensures that you’re getting a better product. Plus, it just makes sense…an American flag should definitely be made in the USA! Unfortunately, far too many companies will sell you an American flag made overseas. That’s just not the way we operate.

We’re proud to say that all of our flags at ND Flag Pole Guy are made in the USA, whether you’re purchasing an American flag, a POW/MIA flag, a military branch flag, or a state flag for sale. Shop our great selection right here!

Call A Flag Pole Installer

When the weather gets nice and you’re itching to make your property look better, it’s time to contact a flag pole installer. If you’re like a lot of people, you might first consider doing it yourself. After all, you’ve poured concrete before, is it really that different?

Well, we have no doubt that you can get the flag pole in the ground. But we’ve run into quite a few people who thought they had it taken care of but ended up having to have it professionally done. Sometimes they use a flag pole that’s not of a high enough quality, or they fail to account for the high winds that North Dakota experiences (which are even stronger at flag height).

What’s the way to make sure that your flag pole — and the important flags that it’s flying — stays in the air? Take advantage of the services of someone who does it every day. That’s ND Flag Pole Guy!

Ready To Get Started?

Here’s our idea. Pull out your calendar now and mark the beginning of April to call a flag pole installer; you’ll want your flag pole up for Memorial Day on May 27 and Flag Day on June 14. Then follow those steps above, picking your spot and the landscaping/hardscaping that will surround it. Head on over to shop our flags so that you’re guaranteed to get a high-quality, made in the USA flag. In fact, our Aprils get pretty busy, so you might consider securing your date by calling us and pre-purchasing your flag pole in order to guarantee a spot on our calendar.

When you’ve done your research and found the right flags, you’re probably going to get pretty excited for spring. While we can’t do anything to make it get here faster, you can anticipate seeing Old Glory flying over your proper. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the middle of a neighborhood or out on the plains, we look forward to helping you display your pride in the flag.