Who Needs Commercial Flag Pole Installation In North Dakota

As we discussed in this blog about choosing the right flag pole installer in North Dakota, we really have no problem with businesses drawing in customers with the use of a large American flag. It’s not just a great way to draw the attention of customers, but it’s a great way to show off your American spirit with a huge 30-foot by 60-foot American flag! In the end, we’d rather see a huge heart-stirring American flag flying in the North Dakota winds than a 1,800-square foot ad for a particular business!

So, who’s buying these huge American flags? What companies are most likely to want to draw the attention of the public? Let’s take a look at the most common flag pole installations we perform across our great state.

Car Lots

Yep, we’re going to start with the most obvious customer that buys our huge flags and invests in flag pole installation: car lots. Cars, trucks, SUVs, and the like are big business, and it’s been a standard for many years that a car lot will have an oversized (if there is such a thing) flag flying. Foreign or domestic car lots? They’re both flying the US flag!

How did it become car lots that keep this trend up? After all, if you think about it, every McDonalds and mattress store could have a huge American flag flying overhead, right? Maybe not. City ordinances often prevent a structure from being above a certain height, and that includes flag poles. So car lots, which are often on the edges of cities, are exempt from this restriction and are able to fly much larger flags on much taller flag poles.

But wait, there’s more! Because car lots require a lot of space, they are often forced outside the city limits anyway. And since nearly all of the car lots are out there competing for attention, lots do what they can to differentiate themselves. If there are six car lots all in a row along the highway, the one flying the super-large flag is sure to get your attention.

Golf Courses

Golf might not have started in the United States, but we certainly have an obsession with it, don’t we?

Golf courses, like car dealerships, are often outside the city limits where land is cheaper. What’s one way to let everyone know exactly where it is and that it’s not just a well-kept lawn? Put up a huge American flag!

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Any and Every Business

Commercial flag pole installation doesn’t necessarily mean that the flag and pole are as large as you might find at a car lot. In fact, the businesses we mentioned before — fast food restaurants and mattress stores — often do have flags flying on a daily basis. They might not be as big as a car lot’s, but they usually are larger than a typical residential flag pole. And speaking of which…

Residential Flag Poles

We know what you’re thinking: “This is an article about commercial flag poles. What do residential flag poles have to do with anything?”

Well, just as a homeowner can purchase a commercial lawn mower for their property or a commercial refrigerator for their professional kitchen, they’re welcome to purchase a commercial flag pole for their home. Of course, people who choose commercial flag poles aren’t living in the average neighborhood. In general, they are on the plains on a ranch or farm and really want people to know about their love for their country.

These are the people who have nearly as much love for the American flag as we do and want a really big flag on their property. We have seven US flags made in America over 10-feet-tall and the flag poles to install them one, so we can certainly accommodate.

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