Why Choose Flag Repair With Our Commercial Flag Pole Installation

In our most recent blogs, we’ve been discussing who uses commercial flag pole installation — car lots, golf courses, and many other businesses — as well as what you should look for when it comes to hiring a commercial flag pole installer and the reasons you shouldn’t hire just anyone to tackle the installation.

But like we mentioned in those blogs, it’s not really the flag pole itself that people are paying attention to; it’s the flag. Sure, people could stand at the base of the flagpole and marvel at how high it goes or how wide it is at the base, but 99 times out of a 100 they’re much more entranced with the flag. After all, it’s the flag that’s moving!

Okay, so we’ve established that all eyes are on the flag. But what if that flag is faded and torn? The harsh North Dakota wind whips flags so that they look nice waving in the wind, but it also causes stitching to break and parts of the flag to tear. This abuse causes problems that NDFlagPoleGuy.com is ready to handle, and we can provide flag maintenance to keep old glory flying. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to respect your flag and what you can do to keep it in the best possible condition.

Show Respect For the Flag and Country

Here’s the first reason that you should do what you can to fly a healthy American flag: respect. While America itself is more important to the physical flag, the flag represents so much of what our country stands for, and it deserves our respect.

When you raise a sturdy, well-built and non-tattered American flag, you’re showing your respect for your country every day. Getting flag pole repair as necessary, whether to the pole itself or to the ropes and attachments that hold the flag, will also ensure that the flag doesn’t touch the ground. (Proper flag pole installation at the start also helps.)

Flag Maintenance

Have A Good Public Image

The American flag should be shown respect, no matter what someone driving by your business might think. But it just so happens that keeping your flag in the best possible condition goes hand in hand with public perception. Your potential customers want to see the flag flying proudly, and they don’t want to head to a business that has no interest in keeping the flag in the best condition possible. If your flag is tattered but the rest of your business is spotless, they’re going to think you have your priorities in the wrong place.

But let’s say that a customer doesn’t fully believe in the idea of the American flag being that connected to America itself. From a purely aesthetic point of view, a tattered flag simply looks like your business doesn’t care. They might think “if they don’t care enough to keep their flag looking good, will they care about their customers? Am I about to walk into a place that just doesn’t care?” Again, as just an aesthetic look, you want your flag to look as good as anything else in or around your building.

What Can Be Done?

What can be done in order to make sure that your American flag looks good and is treated with respect? We’re glad you asked!

Buy Quality the First Time Around

At our American flag company, we’ve seen what the winds here in North Dakota can do to a flag, both polyester and nylon. That’s why you want to start with the best flag possible. At NDFlagPoleGuy.com, we’re an American flag company that only sells American flags made in America. (As a side note, all of our flags — military branch flags, state flags, and POW/MIA flags for sale — are all made in America.) Buying US flags made in the USA simply ensures that you’re getting a high-quality flag in the first place.

But it doesn’t stop there. Before your flag even flies the first time, we reinforce it with a strong stitch pattern at the corners that’s specifically made to hold up to the motions a flag goes through when it’s moving in the wind. Why isn’t this standard on every flag you buy from any random store? Because it’s a lot of extra work…but it’s worth it!

Flag Maintenance

Most people don’t realize that flag maintenance exists, but it’s a viable way to respect the flag while saving the owner money at the same time. With our flag maintenance program, we begin by washing to flag according to the type of material it is.

After the flag is washed, it’s time to hem it. Take a look at any flag that has flown too long and you’ll notice that the top and bottom are usually fine; it’s the edges that are frayed. Flag repair hems the edges and reinforces them, making the flag ready to fly again. Find out more about flag maintenance and repair right here.

You’re probably wondering “doesn’t hemming the flag make it less wide?” Indeed it does, which is why a flag can only be hemmed so many times until it’s no longer the proper proportions according to the flag code. Which leads us to…

Flag Retirement Completes The Circle

There comes a time when an American flag simply can’t be repaired anymore. Perhaps it’s due to a single destructive event, or maybe it’s just because it flew proudly for so many days.

When it’s time to retire a flag, it needs to be done in a respectful manner. We will make sure that the flag receives a retirement that is in line with the US flag code.

ND Flag Pole Guy Is Here To Help!

NDFlagPoleGuy.com will be there from beginning to end for your flag. It starts with sturdy flag pole installation and moves on to providing you with a pre-reinforced flag that will hold up to ND winds. We’ll perform regular maintenance on your flag until it gets the honorable retirement it deserves.

We know that flying a flag and keeping it looking nice is a big deal, and that’s why you should choose us for worry-free flag maintenance. Learn more about it right here.