Here at, we want your flag to fly as proudly as possible. Every time you look up at it, we want you to feel as much pride as the first time you saw it flying. Unfortunately, wear and tear on the flag pole could cause the flag to fly incorrectly, become frayed, or even fall to the ground.

Flag poles seem so sturdy. Can anything really cause them to fall and fail? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think…it’s just that most people are embarrassed to let anyone know that their flag touched the ground! How could this happen? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

Cheap Flag Poles

Perhaps the most common reason that flag poles fail is that they weren’t of a high quality in the first place. The average flag pole you buy on the internet is made from cheap components, and few of those are able to hold up to the winds we have in North Dakota (see below). The pole could break, but the more common failure is with the hardware that retains, raises, and lowers the flag. This will often cause the flag to fly too low, lose attachment at one of the clips, or allow it to fly off completely. If you come home one day and find your flag in the driveway, you can pretty much blame a cheap flag pole.

At, we only use the highest-quality poles and flags. We don’t want your flag to ever become soiled.

Improper Installation

Flag poles should be professionally installed. Flag pole installation isn’t just about the pole itself, but pouring the concrete properly in order to secure it. If the concrete is poured when it’s too hot or too cold, it could allow the pole to move too much in the ground.  If you’ve ever pulled a tent peg or signpost out of the ground, you know that moving it back and forth makes it easier to remove. The same can happen to a tent pole and cause it to lean.

The Weather

Once the concrete supporting a flag pole becomes cracked, the weather takes over. We don’t have to tell you that it gets very cold in North Dakota, and the rain and snow can get into those cracks in the concrete and freeze. If it only happened once, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. But as it freezes again and against during the winter months, year after year, the pole is going to lean to one side even more. A big enough crack and a strong enough wind and your flag pole could end up on the ground.

And speaking of wind…

Heavy Winds

There’s one thing no one can do anything about in North Dakota: the wind. North Dakota is the fourth windiest state in the country, and even the strongest flag poles are going be whipped back and forth quite a bit. A flag actually exacerbates the problem, because it catches the wind and makes the pole bend even more. Starting with a high-quality pole and ensuring it’s professionally installed are the best ways to make sure it stays in the ground even during our heavy winds.

Let’s Get You The Right Flag Pole!

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