1. Our North Dakota Flag Pole Installation Is On The News!

    As you might have read on the About Us page, inspiration for my company struck back in 2016. I was working on finishing the basement when someone called into a radio show I was listening to, asking about where to get a flag pole in North Dakota. I immediately blurted out “Call the Flag Pole Guy!” Of course, at the time there wasn’t anyone called the Flag Pole Guy, but...maybe there should be…Read More

  2. Why Choose Flag Repair With Our Commercial Flag Pole Installation

    Why Choose Flag Repair With Our Commercial Flag Pole Installation?

    In our most recent blogs, we’ve been discussing who uses commercial flag pole installation — car lots, golf courses, and many other businesses — as well as what you should look for when it comes to hiring a commercial flag pole installer and the reasons you shouldn’t hire just anyone to tackle the installation. But like we mentioned in those blogs, it’s not really the flag pole itself th…Read More

  3. Who Needs Commercial Flag Pole Installation In North Dakota

    Who Needs Commercial Flag Pole Installation In North Dakota?

    As we discussed in this blog about choosing the right flag pole installer in North Dakota, we really have no problem with businesses drawing in customers with the use of a large American flag. It’s not just a great way to draw the attention of customers, but it’s a great way to show off your American spirit with a huge 30-foot by 60-foot American flag! In the end, we’d rather see a huge hear…Read More

  4. 3 Things To Remember Before Hiring Commercial Flag Pole Installation

    3 Things To Remember Before Hiring Commercial Flag Pole Installation

    As professional commercial flag pole installers in North Dakota, we know that there are two very good reasons that you want to have a large flag flying above your business. First, it’s because you’re a patriotic person, and the flag symbolizes so much of what you believe in regarding our country. And second, you want to draw the attention of customers with one of the biggest American flags the…Read More

  5. When Will You Fly Your American-Made Flag?

    In our most recent blog, we went through the first half of the year and detailed the days on which many of our customers choose to fly their American-made flags (though some of them will be flying them every day once they get their flag pole installation performed). While everyone knows to fly their flags on Memorial Day (last Monday in May) and Flag Day (June 14), we also detailed some of the les…Read More

  6. Buy American Flags Online and Fly Them On These Days!

    If you’re buying flags online, you’re probably looking for the best flags that you can find. That’s all we offer here at NDFlagPoleGuy.com, with US flags made in the USA, polyester and nylon military flags, and state flags for sale for every state in the Union. But once you get your flags and contact us for flag pole installation in North Dakota, when will you be flying it? Some people fly t…Read More

  7. Planning For Flag Pole Installation In Spring? Here’s What To Do Now

    You won’t be surprised that we get the bulk of our flag pole installation business in spring and summer, with some of it trailing into fall. That’s not to say it’s impossible for us to plant a new flag pole in winter, but there are quite a few reasons that people just don’t call us for flag pole installation when the snow starts falling. First of all, people think of exterior home improvem…Read More

  8. Ways People Break The US Flag Code Every Day

    People are proud of the American flag. Some of them fought for the ideals of the flag, others have lost relatives who were fighting under the flag (either literally or figuratively). Still others are simply interested in showing their pride in their country, or as a symbol of what our country has accomplished and how it can continue to get better. Our goal at ND Flag Pole Guy is to offer the sturd…Read More

  9. Why Get Professional Flag Pole Installation?

    Here at NDFlagPoleGuy.com, we want your flag to fly as proudly as possible. Every time you look up at it, we want you to feel as much pride as the first time you saw it flying. Unfortunately, wear and tear on the flag pole could cause the flag to fly incorrectly, become frayed, or even fall to the ground. Flag poles seem so sturdy. Can anything really cause them to fall and fail? Unfortunately, it…Read More

  10. How Tall Should Your Flag Pole Be?

    First of all, let’s start with the obvious: every property is different, and it’s a good idea to talk with your North Dakota professional flag pole installer about your particular needs. Once you contact us with your questions, we’ll be able to get a better idea of how tall a flag pole and how large a flag you should consider for your property. You can even send us pictures so that we can ma…Read More